Sense of place: shaping the future of the public sector

Data almost always has some geographical element tied to it, whether it’s polling figures, or population or crime statistics. So surely geospatial analysis should be transforming public services? A new report by Deloitte, X no longer marks the spot, suggests that there is so much data available that organisations are struggling to mine its full potential,

Government as a platform

At IP EXPO this week we heard Liam Maxwell, the UK Government’s CTO, discuss the way in which government digital services have been transformed. It’s a pattern which is being studied carefully by local and national governments around the world because it offers potential for huge improvements for users alongside big cost savings. “Revolution not

Should smart cities be sharing cities?

Smart Cities are springing up all over the globe, especially in the southern hemisphere. India is building new cities full of technology to house its ever-growing population. But some commentators are starting to question the premise of smart cities. Technology vs people Julian Agyeman, a professor of urban and environmental policy and planning at Tufts