Smart city lighting is becoming a reality

Smart Cities are a growing phenomenon, with cities around the world vying for supremacy. But for all the hype, it can sometimes seem as if physical changes are a long time coming. So it’s good to read about some very concrete developments that will bring smart city lighting a lot closer to many of us.

Next Century Cities

We’ve heard and written a lot about smart cities in recent years. They are cities which are hugely interconnected, harnessing technology to improve the lives of those who live in them. But at the same time as smart cities are developing around the globe, there are still cities, even in the US, where not everyone

The global Smart City market: what’s it worth?

There has been much written about Smart Cities, but the field is quite light on definitions and on quantifying the opportunity that they represent. A recent study has identified that the global Smart City market is likely to be worth a cumulative $1.56 trillion by 2020. Smart is the New Green The Frost and Sullivan report

The importance of agility in the public sector

Mario Devargas, former CIO for a police force and a large council, talked at the recent IP Expo about the challenges of moving to an agile culture in the public sector. He suggested that this was vital to deliver the holy grail of ‘more for less’. A traditional environment, changing rapidly Perhaps more than most

Sense of place: shaping the future of the public sector

Data almost always has some geographical element tied to it, whether it’s polling figures, or population or crime statistics. So surely geospatial analysis should be transforming public services? A new report by Deloitte, X no longer marks the spot, suggests that there is so much data available that organisations are struggling to mine its full potential,