Singapore: becoming the world’s first Smart Nation

Smart cities are ten-a-penny now, with large numbers of the world’s major cities engaged in improving digital services for their citizens. But Singapore is more ambitious. It doesn’t want to be just another smart city; instead, it is working towards becoming the world’s first Smart Nation. Plans for digital identity speeding up Singapore set up

Online Open Government

Does ‘online open government’ sound like a tautology or, worse, a myth? As private citizens, we have embraced the way that the internet can empower us as consumers of goods from private companies. Now we’re starting to demand the same thing from the public sector. And slowly but surely, the public sector is starting to

Event review – TEDCity2.0

TEDCity2.0 was a day-long event which took place on 20th September 2013. It brought together people interested in the future of cities, including urban planners, politicians, architects and city dwellers, and invited them to open their minds. The curators of the event, Courtney Martin and John Cary, explained in a blog article that they wanted