Dubai: Smart City of the Future

The city of Dubai has ambitious plans. It plans to transform itself into a truly smart city, and not just any old smart city, but the best in the world. About this time last year, it announced the formation of a committee to develop ‘Smart Dubai’, with a strategy involving six key pillars and 100

Financing smart city solutions

Smart cities hold out the lure of sustainability and innovative technological solutions to large, previously intractable problems. But such opportunities do not come cheaply. Some of them, such as smart lighting, can be funded from the savings  made in changing technology. But other, larger projects represent much bigger risks, and it has proven hard to

UIDAI – the biggest ID project in the world

The UK government has made much of its new ‘verify’ site, part of the government as a platform approach. This site will allow UK citizens to verify their identity whenever they come into contact with any government department. It will be used for many purposes, ranging from tax returns to driving licences and vehicle excise duty.

Smart city lighting is becoming a reality

Smart Cities are a growing phenomenon, with cities around the world vying for supremacy. But for all the hype, it can sometimes seem as if physical changes are a long time coming. So it’s good to read about some very concrete developments that will bring smart city lighting a lot closer to many of us.

Next Century Cities

We’ve heard and written a lot about smart cities in recent years. They are cities which are hugely interconnected, harnessing technology to improve the lives of those who live in them. But at the same time as smart cities are developing around the globe, there are still cities, even in the US, where not everyone