Singapore: becoming the world’s first Smart Nation

Smart cities are ten-a-penny now, with large numbers of the world’s major cities engaged in improving digital services for their citizens. But Singapore is more ambitious. It doesn’t want to be just another smart city; instead, it is working towards becoming the world’s first Smart Nation. Plans for digital identity speeding up Singapore set up

E-residency – the way forward for digital nomads?

Large numbers of workers around the world are now self-identified or de facto digital nomads. That is, they work across national boundaries, with clients in multiple countries. Their own geographical location does not affect either what they do, or their client list. Like the big multinational companies, these individuals and small companies trade and operate

Stockholm’s climate-positive journey

Never mind climate- or carbon-neutral, Stockholm is going climate-positive. The city’s mayor and government have set an ambitious target: Stockholm should be free of fossil fuels by 2040. But what can the rest of us learn from Stockholm’s journey? Here are ten takeaways. The journey towards being climate positive is a long one – It requires